Does Alvin Chau have another love interest -- in addition to affair with Mandy Lieu?

26 January 2016 / 8 months 4 weeks ago
A high-profile marriage scandal spanned over nearly two years does not seem to deter Alvin Chau from his casanova ways, for he has reportedly found yet another love interest, in addition to mistress Mandy Lieu.
The woman was spotted working closely with the millionaire, frequently attending business meetings together. They were even spotted biting each other's ears on a work trip to Macau just last month.
Reports reveal the suspected love interest to be the Senior Vice-President of the Public Relations and Social Department of Suncity Group, Macau's largest junket operator.
She also is said to be the right-hand woman of Alvin, who is the chairman of Suncity Group, and have known each other for many years. Their strong chemistry at work and in their private lives are known to many as well.
The pair were said to have attended the Macau Millions in 2015 together with Alvin's daughter, as mentioned by Viral Cham.
Various sources have also confirmed her to be a close friend of Heidi Chan, Alvin's ex-wife. Their closeness is further proven by how the high-profile split with Heidi did not deter Alvin from maintaining their working relationship.
With the divorce proceedings at hand, many have once speculated that Mandy Lieu would soon be rightfully "Mrs Chau", but it seems like there is now another to threaten her position.
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