Doctors use skin from scalp to rebuild woman's face -- now she has to shave her nose

2 October 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Bree Towner had a spot on her nose which slowly turned into the size of a small eraser as time went by.

Doctors later confirmed that it was skin cancer and performed surgery on her.

The 28-year-old had a surgery called the "paramedian forehead flap."

The growth was removed and doctors modelled a new nose from her scalp flesh through the surgery, reports WittyFeed.

She began her facial reconstruction treatment on 6th March 2014 and documented the healing process through photos.

Ms. Towner was left with the 'arch' of skin stuck to her face and also had with scars and hair growing on her nose -- and ended up shaving her nose.

The scars left behind are so scary that she also tried to commit suicide.

"I never attempted it, but the thoughts were there daily between February and July."

There are still 40 percent chances that her skin cancer could return back -- but Ms. Towner's scars have healed.

Ms Towner said:

"I am now dating a guy that I knew before my surgeries and he makes me feel beautiful, so I am slowly healing on that end I guess."

Broswe through the gallery to see the transformation.

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