DJ jailed for abducting own daughter says it is "torture" in prison

29 April 2016 / 6 months 23 hours ago

The Straits Times
Thursday, Apr 28, 2016

DJ Angie Vu Ha, known as one of Asia's sexiest spinners, has claimed that the lack of designer dresses and nail polish while she is being held in prison is "torture".

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Vu, a Vietnamese model turned DJ, said the lack of sunlight and moisturiser has wrecked her skin.

"This place is so horrible, there's no sunlight ever," Vu said. "I have been under the harsh light 24/7 and turned pale. I need a good supply of Guerlain's (skin) moisturiser in here. I miss my Versace dresses and Louboutin heels. My nails are nicely trimmed but I'm dying to have some colours on them.

"The torture is real," she added.

She is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in an open dormitory with 100 female inmates.

She has languished in the Brooklyn prison for about six months after being accused of parental kidnapping. She was arrested while attempting to board a flight from New York to China with her daughter last November.

She allegedly broke an agreement with the child's father, Richard Froger, who had agreed to let their daughter stay with Vu for part of her summer vacation and return to France on Aug 29.

Vu, who posed for Playboy and FHM, is fighting her extradition to France.

She is waiting for the Brooklyn US Attorney's office to respond to her lawsuit seeking to block extradition on the grounds that a judge in Paris improperly granted custody of her daughter to the child's biological father.

She claims her former lover falsely told the French court that she was working as a porn star. "From extremely proud and confident getting naked for Playboy to shaking, sobbing in humiliation to do hundreds of strip search for contraband," she told The Daily News.

She has also claimed it was "cruel" to see her own reflection.

"There's no real mirror in prison," she told New York Daily News. "We all buy this tiny piece of plastic... but the images are distorted. I wish there should be at least one full-length mirror in here. I haven't looked at myself for months. It's cruel."

Her fans' gifts of soft toys, chocolates and lingerie have also been returned as they are seen as "contraband", she said.

But Vu claimed she has found new fans, including one who wants her "as her husband" and "another beauty" who wants Vu as her wife.

She has said in earlier interviews with the tabloid that she has been keeping fit and has turned to religion to keep her spirits up.

"I'm not supposed to be worried about anything. It gives me wrinkles," she said. "Do I feel ashamed for being here? The answer is no. I'm here for a great cause, for protecting my child. This injustice won't crash my spirit. I'm still rocking and rolling."

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