Did Yuri Chan try to hurt herself to reconcile with King Kong?

26 April 2016 / 5 months 3 weeks ago

Artiste King Kong said that he had ended his relationship with Yuri Chan during a recent interview.

Yuri however said she had no idea and was shocked, reported Asian E-News Portal.

She said: "His stuff is still here and I have no reply."

Yuri had not made any appearances for some time after the break-up and it was rumoured she had been staying at an apartment in Tai Po District alone when King Kong suddenly made his announcement. 

It was also rumoured that she tried to commit suicide in order to salvage the relationship but a friend of hers refuted them.

Yuri appeared haggard and her eyes was swollen when she finally left the apartment. 

She walked away immediately when reporters tried to speak to her but she boarded the car and drove away quickly.

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