Did Wong Cho Lam feel 'too short' for Leanne Li? You'd be surprised at the real story

26 July 2016 / 3 months 7 hours ago

Hong Kong's famous couple Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam obviously have a height difference, but it is not an issue to them.

According to Asian E-News Portal, at a recent interview on a Mainland television program, she was asked about how the difference affects them.

Normally, you would think the man would feel inadequate, but it was actually the other way round.

When she was young, Leanne felt she was too tall and had low self-esteem. 

She said:

"I was already 1.7 meters at age 12, when we line up, I would be the last one. I believe Cho Lam would be the first one.

"So we have this contrast but it's because I'm too tall, I don't know why I had low self-esteem."

Cho Lam's height actually made him stand out in her eyes.

Leanne said: "The first time I saw Cho Lam, he looked like the chairman, directing everyone.

"But because he wasn't tall enough, he had to stand on a stage to direct everyone, which was very interesting. After, I realized Cho Lam is very, very caring."

Leanne also disclosed that when the two started dating, they didn't feel stressed because of their height difference. 

Leanne revealed that after being married for a year, she has been living with her mother in-law.

Besides respecting each other, they also get along like friends, she said: "She treats her son well and also respects me, so how can I not like my mother in-law."

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