Did Hinson Chau break up with Lily Ho after dating for only 14 days because of her chastity?

14 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

Hong Kong celebrity couple Hinson Chau and Lily Ho announced their breakup in September last year... just 14 days after announcing their new relationship.

The couple was caught kissing passionately in a car by paparazzi, but seems like that passion was short-lived.

According to Asian Pop News, Hinson earlier claimed that he had broken up with Lily because her family demanded from him HK$200,000 living expenses every month. 

Lily responded to her ex-boyfriend's allegation that that she had issued a lawyer’s letter to Hinson last weekend and demanded him to make a public apology.

She felt that there was a need to do so because it damaged her family's reputation.

Lily also said that she was a Catholic, and had to adhere to the teachings of the church.

Asked if she had preserved her chastity, Lily said, “There are so many things that need to be adhered. There are many teachings.”

Lily also hinted that 'cheating' might be a reason why they broke up, “I am very faithful. Mr Chau knows very well why we broke up.”

Meanwhile, Hinson admitted that he had received a lawyer’s letter from Lily and her sister, Gigi Ho. He suddenly changed his statement and hoped that they could settle the matter amicably.

Asked if he had regretted for spilling the beans, Hinson said, “Maybe it’s due to the accumulation and suppression of pressure. I admit I was too agitated. We did have a wonderful relationship, but because we are both public figures, we need to show to everyone. It’s not too healthy.”

Hinson also said that he did not cheat on Lily, stressing that he is still single now.

When asked if they did not have intimacy during their relationship due to Lily’s religion, Hinson said, “Must we talk about it? It’s too embarrassing. It has nothing to do with it. We dated normally and had a good relationship. The breakup was because of pressure from various aspects.”

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