Dad loses 31kg to become fit MMA fighter after bitter divorce

13 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

A 40-year-old American man who went through a bitter divorce and struggled to gain custody of his kids has spoken about his transformation to get his life together.

Two years ago, Keith Rocheville's marriage was ending, and he fell so far behind on his support payment for his two teenage kids that the court deemed it a felony.

After his licence was revoked for not paying child support, Keith was forced to move back in with his parents in California. Unfortunately for Keith, things were still getting worse, reports UniLad.

He began seeing an on-again-off-again old flame during his divorce, but the relationship quickly turned sour.

One night at a pool party, Keith fell asleep while his girlfriend went through his phone to find texts from his ex-wife and a message to a friend that stated he ‘wasn’t planning on sticking around’.

Sadly for Keith, the party was packed with biker dudes: "So I woke up to being carried by each limb by a man, floating across the lawn.

"They tossed me in the gravel drive and it was dead quiet. They just started stomping me in silence. All I could do was cover my face."

Eventually, Keith’s brother showed up to take him in and get him help. But he was still struggling through a divorce and couldn’t afford child support and legal proceedings.

The stress of his life caused Keith to end up in a psych ward twice, and he began to lose weight rapidly.

Still struggling to find a job, Keith moved back to St. Louis to live with some friends who were into health and fitness.

During this time, Keith began to hang out and train with some people who were into wrestling and boxing.

He was soon approached by the owner of the Cage of Champions tournament in Jefferson City and asked to enter his first fight on October 16.

He managed to drop his body weight from 220lbs to 147lbs in order to enter the featherweight division.

Despite losing the fight, Keith found himself a job as a carpenter and can now pay child support to his kids.

However, he might still see jail time for his money troubles in the past.

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