Czech model tries to blackmail hockey player after sex -- but he doesn't care

22 September 2015 / 1 year 4 weeks ago

An 18-year-old Czech model reportedly tried to blackmail an NHL hockey player after sex with a post-sex selfie -- but he just didn't care.

According to AsianTown, "Catherine from Moravia" asked 43-year-old Panthers’ wing Jaromir Jagr for about $2,000 or else she threatened to publish a picture of him sleeping in her bed.

Czech tabloids reported that she snapped a selfie while in bed with a sleeping Jagr after they enjoyed a night together. Jagr, however, literally told the blackmailer to do whatever she wanted with the photo. 

He responded here, translated by a Redditor:

"And here we have another photo from my privacy :) except here nobody wanted to get paid for it :) despite how good it is. Maybe they couldn't find out what her name is :))) i forgot it too, I just know that she's a foreigner.......nvm, who doesn't know what this is about, good :)"

According to, it is said that he didn't care because while Jagr is reportedly single, Catherine is reportedly not.

According to several reports, she's the girlfriend of Czech junior player Domink Rudl, who was born in 1996. Rudl also reportedly calls Jagr one of his idols -- which makes it even more awkward.

However the Reddit post says that the girl didn't do the actual blackmailing, but some details are unclear. 

The girl reportedly claims that she didn't sleep with him, she met him at a party and he went home with her friend. She just took a selfie in the morning because he's a celebrity. She says her boyfriend of several years knows she didn't cheat on him.

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