Creepy or perfect? Korean actress Hong Soo Ah looks eerily like a mannequin doll

29 September 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Behind-the-scene cuts of actress Hong Soo Ah‘s upcoming Korean film Melisse have been unveiled, prompting netizens to react hotly to her mannequin-like beauty.

According to Koreaboo, the photos were released through her agency Wellmade on September 23rd with Hong Soo Ah wearing a chic gray sweater dress that clung to her body, unveiling her perfect S-line body.

In one particular photo, she is seen with her co-star Jo Han Sun resting his chin on her shoulder. But what has netizens going crazy is how much like a mannequin she looks in these photos due to her unblemished skin, S-line body, and overall beauty.

On September 23rd, a netizen wrote a post on Pann titled “Hong Soo Ah has the same shape as a doll” and shared the same behind-the-scene photos of the film with others.

Comments on the post include, "Her face is increasingly becoming more like a shape of a doll," "Young or old, they all want this body shape," and ”If my body were like that I would have gone to the beach every day, hell I would have lived on the beach."

Some were less kind and said, "She does so much photoshop that her body might be photoshopped too. But if you look at media photos her body is crazy," and "She overdid it on her plastic surgery but she is still beautiful."

The original poster ends with, "If only she’d wear lighter make up and get rid of her circle lenses, she looks beautiful. She doesn’t look plastic at all in natural makeup."

Browse all her photos in the gallery below.

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