Clara residing overseas after dropping lawsuit against Polaris CEO

23 October 2015 / 1 year 1 day ago

Source: allkpop

Actress Clara gave an update on her life following the completion of her strife with Polaris Entertainment over her contract last month.

A rep from the one-person agency, Koreana Clara, stated on October 22, "Clara is currently residing overseas, but she has amicably reconciled with her previous agency and has personally gotten a lot better. She is working hard in preparation to approach her fans again.

"As for now, she has yet to decide on promotions in productions. Whether it's from Hollywood, China, or Korea, a lot of offers for productions from movies to dramas are coming in, but nothing has been decided yet. She will probably decide on something soon, but she is in the midst of deliberating on the production and the timing.

"The rep also relayed that Clara was grateful toward the fans who continued to trust and support her during her time of difficulty and was working hard to return with an even better production.

"She's diligently preparing for her comeback," the rep concluded, "so it appears she will make a decision soon."

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