Clara launches surprise attack on Louis Koo during filming

29 January 2016 / 8 months 4 weeks ago

Louis Koo and Korean starlet Clara were working on the set of upcoming film Line Walker when Clara sprung a surprise attack on Louis.

According to HKTOPTEN, Clara performed her own own stunts on set but unfortunately, Louis did not experience them first hand as he had a double to do his stunts for him.

Clara reportedly enjoys making action films and has little difficulty with the stunts.

She revealed that she has a big fight scene with Louis in the movie where she strangles him with a rope. She joked that she was most concerned about avoiding injury to his handsome face.

Dressed in a sexy costume, she said she felt her character was very interesting and full of power and strength.

Louis approves of her abilities and said: "She trained for two days for the fight scene. Two days ago she and I fought for a day. She used wires to strangle me, and in the end the wire snapped. Luckily my neck was very stiff! Of course that wire was just a prop, that's why it snapped." 

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