Christopher Lee and Fann Wong not expecting 2nd child -- but Lee talks about baby sis for Zedd

9 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Caption: Fann Wong (left) with baby Zed and husband Christopher Lee on the right. Image:INSTAGRAM/FANN WONG 

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
Oct 07, 2015

Three weeks ago, local celebrity couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong made headlines when they hinted on their social media accounts that they may be expecting a second child.

It turned out that the local actress was not pregnant, and the photo was part of a new marketing campaign by OSIM which sees the couple as the new ambassadors for their uMagic massage chair.

Speaking to The New Paper on Tuesday during the press conference of new drama Crescendo, Lee said he did not expect such a huge reaction from the online community at all.

The photo, which saw Lee hugging Wong, 44, from behind with his hands resting on her tummy, came with the caption:

“Good afternoon! We will be shouldering a new responsibility!” It has since gone viral online, receiving more than 100,000 likes and over 2,000 shares.

Lee, 44, said: “I was shocked at how everyone sent their congratulatory messages. I didn’t expect such a reaction, I didn’t think so much about it.”

He does not think that their fans would be disappointed, saying: “OSIM uploaded a post immediately, so I feel that it’s okay.”

He laughed and added: “I think the news made it so big because it involves me and Fann. If we don’t make news, then something is not right.”

The actor reassured his fans that they definitely want another baby, and that they are “working very hard for it to happen”.

Lee, who married Wong in 2009, welcomed their first son Zed on National Day (Aug 9) last year.

“We believe that our baby Zedzed will be a great elder brother,” he said, “Imagine him taking a younger sister out, it will be such a lovely image.”

He added: “We are thinking very positively about it.”

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