Christine Kuo makes shocking revelation when asked about the people who body-shamed her

17 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

After shooting “Tiger Cubs II” in late 2013, Christine Kuo put a halt on all her activities. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism, an endocrine gland disorder that is due to a decrease in thyroid hormone production, Christine gained weight and felt constantly fatigued.

It took Christine at least two years to recover. The 32-year-old resumed work in early 2015, and was cast in the sci-fi television series EU: Time-Travel Mission, which will be showing sometime this year.

In a radio interview, Christine recalled the time when she first discovered her hypothyroidism, and admitted that it was one of the lowest times of her life, Jayne Stars reported.

“It took me a while to realize that I was sick,” said Christine.

“I realized that there were certain things that my body couldn’t do anymore. I was also depressed. Whenever I went out, I would hear many unpleasant things about me.”

Christine then went more candid in her interview.

She said, “Their words did hurt me! I really wanted people to understand, but no one did. They continued to step on me. I felt so dejected. I used to cherish them so much.”

Asking if Christine was referring to the press, the Tiger Cubs actress said, “No. I’m talking about my colleagues at work.”

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