Christine Kuo 'lashes' out at doctor after getting bruised arms from hospital visits

4 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Former Miss Chinese International Pageant winner Christine Kuo had to halt her work at TVB after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2013.

Her face became swollen and her body weight only continued to increase, which ultimately led to a depressed mood. Despite her currently improved condition, Christine continues to pay numerous visits to the doctor, worrying her friends and fans.

Earlier this year, Christine turned towards a positive approach in life and decided to start a dim sum business in Tsim Sha Tsui.

During her free time, she also engaged in several hobbies including cooking, yoga, dance, car-racing, and attending Cantonese classes.

Christine’s active lifestyle aided her in weight loss, and she continuously posted self-supportive messages on Weibo to reassure her worried fans.

However, Christine was still required to visit the doctor once in a while to monitor her condition.

Back in June, she posted photos of going to the doctor with bruised arms from having her blood taken several times, reports Jayne Stars.

Christine sounded helpless as she wrote on Weibo,

“Doctor, let’s break up! After a countless number of months, I’m getting my blood taken from this area of my left arm? Or should I say left hand…? Starting now, please don’t talk to me within 180 seconds. In case you didn’t know, I’m angry at you.”

Several netizens left encouraging comments and supported Christine’s way to recovery.

In a telephone interview, Christine apologized for worrying her friends and fans with her online posts.

She clarified, “Sorry! A lot of friends have called me, and I didn’t mean to have everyone misunderstand. I was just joking with the doctor.”

Christine further expressed that her body condition is currently fine, and admitted she had been in a low mood at the beginning of her diagnosis.

However, Christine is now used to her new lifestyle and the doctor has already reduced the dosage of her medication.

“My doctor has confidence that my body will be as fit as before by the end of October. In July, my indexes were normal and my body is not as swollen anymore,” Christine shared.

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