Chrissie Chau getting married soon? Actress reveals location of future wedding

17 October 2015 / 1 year 5 days ago

Recently, Chrissie Chau attended the opening ceremony of the "Teochew Tradition in Hong Kong.

She is a Teochew and greet by using Teochew dialect.

When asked about Teochew people was described as macho man, Chrissie Chau expressed this was the expression of a 'Man 大男人主義'.

She added her home already had 3 men (Her father and two brother) were quite 'Man'. Therefore when she had a fight with her brother, she will be on top while her brother will be hit by her.

Chrissie said with a smile: "Female is on the top and male is on the bottom".

Chrissie Chau disclosed she will arrange wedding banquet in Chaozhou in the future due to many relatives and friends in her hometown, reports Asian E-News Portal

When asked if she will learn from Angelababy to hold grand wedding, Chrissie replied it did not matter and what matters most was they liked it.

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