Choi Siwon puts arms around girl in S'pore -- and even feeds her while she's blindfolded

9 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
6 August 2015

Lady Luck smiled on K-pop fan Lam Juhui not once, but twice.
Six months ago, she won a contest and the prize was a photo opportunity with Choi Siwon on stage when the K-pop idol was in Singapore to promote his action flick Dragon Blade.
Yesterday, she got a chance to get up-close with the superstar again when she was chosen to play games with him on stage during a public fan-meet at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).
The Ngee Ann Polytechnic student received a hug from her idol who put his arms around her shoulders and even fed her while she was blindfolded.
It made the 800 fans present turn green, which incidentally, happened to be the colour of Miss Lam's hair.
Said the 18-year-old: "I can't believe that I am so lucky. I was very surprised as I didn't expect him to put his arm around my shoulders the whole time. I thought he would just stand beside me.
"My friends were all very jealous, so they hugged me because Siwon hugged me. To them, it's as if Siwon indirectly hugged them."
Choi, 28, of boyband Super Junior fame, was in town with Hong Kong director Dante Lam to promote the new cycling movie To The Fore, which also stars Eddie Peng and Shawn Dou.
The $16-million movie tells the story of three competitive cyclists (Choi, Peng and Dou) who eventually end up as rivals. It opens in cinemas here today.
Miss Lam said she and her friends had been at MBS from 8am, even though the fan-meet was due to start only at 7pm.
Describing her mind as "blank" when she was on stage, she said: "Siwon is really very nice to his fans and treats them very well. He is very caring. I felt so nervous."
Other than Miss Lam, Mr Bobby Ow was also chosen to go on stage to be paired up with director Lam.
Mr Ow, who is in his 30s and works in the hotel industry, said: "My idol is director Lam. It was awesome to be on the same stage as Dante and Siwon. It's my dream come true as I got to shake hands with them."
Predictably, Choi and Lam got the mostly female crowd screaming their lungs out when they took to the stage.
Choi, in particular, showed his ability to work the crowd, at times even speaking in Mandarin.
"Don't you feel my Mandarin has improved?" he teased.
"I learnt Chinese because I want to pay back my love to all of you here."
And when he was feeding Miss Lam, he said: "Yes, I like all the food here but I like you the most."
That drove the fans to scream in excitement.
To cap it all, Choi also used his mobile phone to take a wefie with the fans, saying: "I'll post this on Instagram tonight."
Malaysian student Chia Tian Xin, 19, woke up at 8am to take a bus across the Causeway with her two friends, accounts assistant Connie Leck, 21, and student Ng Jyy Ling, 20, to catch a glimpse of Choi.
Miss Chia said: "He is so handsome that I wanted to cry on seeing him. He is so talented and not pretentious at all.
"I just want to tell him, 'I love you, Choi Siwon'."
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