Chio Malaysian badminton player makes heartbreaking confession about her training

23 August 2016 / 10 months 6 days ago

Malaysian badminton player Goh Liu Ying made waves recently after appearing in the Olympic Games in Rio.

Not only did she get attention for her skills at the court, she also captivated the hearts of fans with her good looks, reported The Coverage.

Her journey to get to where she is not however was far from easy.

She shared some of the challenges she has had to deal with:

"I did not have such remarkable achievements like the Chinese team, I did not have the steady performance of the Korean team, I did not have the tactical strategy of the European teams nor did I have the experience of the Indonesian team. I am just Goh Liu Ying.

“While others completed the training set by the coach, I could only do half.

“I couldn’t build up muscles like other athletes. With smaller muscles, there’s less protection and more chance of me getting injured.

“I couldn’t risk overexerting during training. The strength in my legs is less than that in others.

“When we found ourselves in the semi-finals, facing one of China’s top pairs, I thought that we might have a chance at the bronze medal. 

“But we won that tough semi-final and I felt like it was a dream."

See the gallery below for facts and trivia about Goh Liu Ying every fan should know.

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