China's 'Little Psy' dies of brain cancer, aged 12

12 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

"Little Psy" died of brain cancer at the age of 12 on Tuesday, according to Chinese reports.

According to MyPaper via AsiaOne, the cancer-stricken Jun Min Woo was taken to a local hospital in the Jilin province of China for breathing difficulties on Monday before his death.

Media outlet Zoglo reported that Jun Min Woo went to the hospital for treatment due to difficulty breathing on February 8, and passed away shortly after midnight on February 9.

The cause of death was reported as a brain tumour.

Jun Min Woo is not to be confused with Hwang Min Woo, who is another child prodigy with the "Little Psy" nickname. 

Hwang Min Woo is the 10-year-old child and son of a Korean man and a Vietnamese woman, and appeared in the music video for Psy's Gangnam Style.

Jun Min Woo rose to fame in South Korea more than four years ago through the Zhejiang TV talent show Chinese Dream Show, where he performed a rousing performance of Gangnam Style.

According to Soompi, Jun Min Woo gained the spotlight in Korea with a 2011 appearance on SBS‘s “Star King.”

After he was diagnosed with brainstem glioma in August 2014, Min Woo visited South Korea to receive chemotherapy treatment.

Rounds of support from Korean fans ensued immediately after an episode of SBS TV show Curious Story Y revealed his suffering in November 2014. Global music superstar Psy invited Min Woo to his year-end Seoul concert in December 2014.

His health condition, however, took a turn for the worse in May last year. Min Woo and his family decided to return to their hometown in July last year to continue stay-at-home treatment until his death.

Watch Jun Min Woo's performances of Gangnam Style and Arirang in the links.

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