CHIJ Toa Payoh student wins hugs from K-pop star: 'I will not bathe tonight'

27 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Seow Yun Rong
The New Paper
Friday, Sep 25, 2015

She has been idolising K-pop group BEAST since she was 12.

Chloe Choo, 16, a CHIJ Toa Payoh student, knows all their songs, birthdays and even the Korean city each member was born in.

Yesterday, she was one of six lucky fans to be paired with each of the members during their fan meet at Suntec Convention Centre.

BEAST is a Korean six-man group whose latest song YeY reached Number One on four Korean music charts - Melon, Genie, Olleh Music and Mnet. They made their comeback recently with their eighth mini album titled Ordinary.

The group made its debut in October 2009 and consists of Doo Joon, 26, Hyun Seong, 26, Jun Hyung, 25, Gi Kwang, 25, Yo Seob, 25, and Dong Woon, 24.

Yesterday, they met some 2,000 screaming fans for their 1 1/2 hour-long fan meet. The band sang 12 songs and played games with their fans, including one called Whisper Challenge.

For this game, the BEAST members had to wear headphones and hum the song they were listening to for their fans to guess. There was just one twist: all the songs were local tunes. The "best couple" title was given to the pair that was fastest to guess the song title.

Chloe was paired with BEAST rapper Jun Hyung. As he hummed the tune to the Ah Boys To Men theme song, Chloe guessed the title in just 25 seconds. For their teamwork, she won an exclusive selfie and a hug from him, which drew excited cheers from the other fans.

Chloe was ecstatic, saying: "I will not bathe tonight. I wish this moment would last and that I can be friends with him so that I can hug him forever."

Too long

Leader Doo Joon said: "It's been too long... I missed all of you so much." And how their fans missed them too.

Malaysian Dayna Chiam, 16, a student at Sarawak Lodge National School, said she travelled to Singapore just to see BEAST. She was also one of the lucky fans who got on stage and was paired with lead vocalist Gi Kwang.

She said: "They were so friendly and genuine...I almost cried."

BEAST were originally known as B2ST, an acronym for boys to Search for Top. Their name was changed to BEAST (Boys of the East Standing Tall) a few days before their debut.

Misa Tan, 15, a student from Holy Innocents' High School, had been waiting for BEAST to return to Singapore for three years.

She said: "Their charisma makes them unique and definitely the best out there."

Q&A with BEAST

What local food did you try and love? What places would you love to visit during your trip here?

Jun Hyung: Chilli crab!

All: Universal Studios!

Doo Joon: We don't only love the food and places here but also the Singaporean fans. We really look forward to seeing them soon.

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Photos 1 and 2 show Chloe while the rest show BEAST member Doo Joon and his TV co-stars.

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