Charmaine Sheh shows off long legs in denim shorts for date with mystery man

1 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Charmaine Sheh‘s dry spell in romance appears to have finally been broken! There were speculations earlier this year of a possible reconciliation between Charmaine and Kevin Cheng , whom she allegedly used to date, but the rumors quickly dissipated when Kevin started dating Grace Chan.

It emerged recently that Charmaine has also found a new boyfriend, reports Jayne Stars.

Charmaine was recently spotted visiting a cinema near the Broadway Circuit in Hong Kong with a young man with a trendy haircut.

From the black baseball cap that Charmaine pulled low over her head, and the relatively plain outfit that she had on, it was obvious that Charmaine was attempting to avoid being recognized.

However, as it was still a date, Charmaine flaunted her long and lean legs in a pair of denim cut-offs.

The man, who also looked to be about 40, seemed very taken with Charmaine and, when the two stopped at a more deserted traffic crossing, even tried to discreetly make a move by putting his hand on the small of her back.

Unfortunately, it was not long before the two reached the crowded cinema and Charmaine’s date had no choice but to retract his hand.

At the cinema, Charmaine maintained a low profile by standing to one side while the man proceeded to purchase movie tickets for Mission – Impossible: Rogue Nation. The couple then tried to slip into the theater among the throng of crowds that was also watching the same movie.

In response to queries from reporters on her love life, Charmaine neither confirmed nor denied that she was dating someone.

She said somewhat evasively:

“It was a very happy break from work, where I could enjoy everyday activities. I was watching a movie with a friend over the weekend.”

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