Charmaine Sheh once received romantic snow proposal -- but had to reject it

7 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Charmaine Sheh recently opened up about an unforgettable romantic proposal that she received in the snow, after attending an opening ceremony for a Christmas event.

According to Asian Pop News, she said, "When I was 21 and studied in Switzerland, there was a male classmate who spent an entire night to make a snowman as tall as me. I was a bit angry when he woke me up early the next morning. Then, I saw a very big snowman, and its hand had a ring. As I was still studying, I rejected him, but it was really unforgettable."

Asked if she had to wait another 20 years since she missed that proposal, Charmaine said: "Bah! Maybe this year, but this year I have to film. Next year perhaps."

She added that she did not regret her decision to reject the wedding proposal as she was still young at that time and had not completed her studies.

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