Charmaine Sheh falls in love with painting after dating Jay Chou look-alike in the past

10 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Forty-year-old Charmaine Sheh has found a new love in painting.

Since breaking up with Kevin Cheng, Charmaine has openly declared her desire to find new love more than once.

A few years ago, she was spotted with a six-foot tall painter who resembled Jay Chou , and the two were photographed holding hands.

However, Charmaine denied dating the mural painter, expressing that they were only close friends.

Even so, it seems like the Jay Chou look-a-like has had some influence on Charmaine, reports Jayne Stars.

The award-winning actress, who is active on Weibo, recently uploaded a picture of herself painting on a canvas, and wrote, “Found happiness within.”

Is Charmaine hinting at fans that she is indeed dating her painter friend?

Or is Charmaine trying to tell fans that she has found happiness in the form of a new love?

Browse through the gallery to view images of the six-foot tall painter. 



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