Charmaine Sheh faces her biggest challenge yet -- in the kitchen

28 June 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Charmaine Sheh might be a star of many talents, but she has met her tumbling block.

Acting may not be a challenge for the actress anymore, but the award-winning TVB star said she has come across her biggest challenge yet—the kitchen.

According to Jaynestars, Charmaine Sheh will be starring as a contestant in the upcoming third season of Star Chef, a competitive reality cooking show.

The Jiangsu TV show is based on the English BBC reality series, Celebrity MasterChef.

Star Chef is Charmaine’s first solo project since establishing her own studio in May. This comes after Charmaine has completed the filming of Line Walker: The Movie, as well as the TVB drama Casino Heroes.

On the show, the 41-year-old was challenged to cook seafood dish and butcher a chicken. During the seafood challenge, Charmaine forgot to scale her fish, and even cut herself with the fish fin.

When it came to butchering the chicken, Charmaine looked like she was handling it well at first, but once the odor of the chicken’s intestines reeked out, Charmaine immediately made a gagging expression, throwing the audience into laughter.

Asking if the qualities of an ideal wife—someone who can “do well in both the kitchen and the hall”—are also traits of hers, Charmaine laughed and said:

“They’re my hidden qualities. However, there just hasn’t been a show where I can show them off. My mother’s cooking is excellent, and I definitely took advantage of that.”

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