Chapman To will provide airfare tickets for Aimee Chan and sons -- while she stars in 10 Million HKD film

29 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

With her two sons, Aimee Chan is making a comeback. She is filming in Chapman To's new movie, Time To Eat! directed by him.

Time To Eat! is invested approximately 10 Million HKD. They will film in Singapore and Malaysia, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Two days ago, Chapman To accepted Ming Pao interview and said:

"Time To Eat! is a romantic and comedy movie and will have some intimate scenes. Aimee Chan does not have any special request and the contract will include providing air tickets for her to return to Hong Kong to visit her sons. I hope Aimee Chan's first movie after her comeback, the entire process will be very happy."

Chapman To expressed he intended to pay for the air tickets himself and invite her husband, Moses Chan to visit Aimee during the filming.

But had not finalized as Moses Chan was busy working. Chapman To revealed in this movie, Aimee Chan acted as a woman who returned from overseas and had strong and different views from him acted as a chef.

But both developed relationship subsequently. Chapman To stressed that Aimee Chan was suitable for this role and the fees was reasonable.

Chapman To continued:

"Moses Chan has the ability to earn a lot of money. I believe Aimee Chan focuses on her career but it does not mean we can mistreat the artistes."

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