Celebrity hairstylist Andy Lee: 'I bought $3 million apartment for my maid'

15 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

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Nov 14, 2015

He paid $3.3 million for his three-bedroom The Oceanfront condominium apartment in Sentosa Cove four years ago.

But celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee joked that he ended up buying the swanky 1,700 sq ft digs for his maid.

The 44-year-old, who spends most of his time abroad on business trips, resides there only three months in a year.

He said with a laugh: "She lives here a lot more than me as I am always in Shanghai for work."

Lee said: "However, in the few months that I am back in Singapore, I relax at home, zonk out and stare into space. My home is like a private sanctuary for me to rest my mind."

His favourite spots are the living room and the balcony. Many times, he would fall asleep on the sofa while resting or conjuring up new ideas for his salon business.

Lee's abode, which sits within Singapore's luxurious and exclusive resort-playground for the rich, is colourful, dramatic and flamboyant.

The $300,000 renovation and furnishings costs were sponsored by local interior furnishings firm, Goodrich Global.

The living room is a smorgasbord of bright colours and he has about 10 sculptures and 30 paintings.

The avid art collector, who spends about $9,000 to $50,000 on each art piece, said: "The style of my home? No style. I like to spend money so I started collecting art eight years ago. These paintings and sculptures are so colourful, just like me."

Lee, who is friends with acclaimed Beijing artist Wu Qiong whom he met eight years ago, has even received a painting and sculpture of himself from Wu as a gift.


Peace and privacy are the main reasons Lee chose a Sentosa Cove address.

"I can't think of a quieter place than here. I considered living in Orchard (Road), but it is noisy and there are so many cars," he said.

"If I live in Orchard, I will spend more money as I'll keep shopping. The good thing about Sentosa Cove is that once you come home, you won't go out any more."

However, Lee laments that the location's inaccessibility can be inconvenient at times.

He said: "Once I was really craving bak kut teh at night, so I rang my good friend at 10pm and persuaded him to buy supper back to my place. After a few hours, he was finally convinced and (arrived) at 1am."

He added: "Sometimes, I invite my celeb friends like Mark Lee and Vivian Lai over and they would say, 'Going to your house is like going to Malaysia. We need to pass a gantry and also pay entrance fee. We rather not go.'"

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