Celebrity DJ Leng Yein slams rude Malaysia Airlines personnel on Facebook

10 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Asia's number one DJ Leng Yein has took to Facebook to share an unpleasant experience she had with a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) staff member at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) when she was alighting a plane and walking to the immigration gates.

According to her Facebook post, the MAS personnel believed to be a ground staff member, stopped a passenger who was in front of her by just giving a ‘halt’ gesture with his hand.

The staff named Abdullah then loudly asked the passenger: “Where your ticket?”

Upset with the poor conduct of the staff member, the passenger walked away and Leng, who was behind him, showed the staff member her ticket.

She had prepared her ticket since she just witnessed the staff asking the passenger in front of her for his.

To her surprise, he rudely called her “Kurang Ajar” in Malay which means no manners.

Infuriated by the clear lack of service, Leng promptly responded to his rude and uncalled comment and said “How can a service line be so rude?”.

Abdullah then responded: "You don’t like, you complaint lah!"

So that is exactly what the DJ did and she emailed MAS regarding the issue.

On her Facebook post she wrote: “Abdullah, I hope u have a nice life ahead for treating Malaysia Airlines Passengers like they are your pet that you can shout at. Well, we are not. Learn how to respect passengers and learn your manners. Jesus! My Chinese New Year first word from a Malaysian ... Sigh.”

Some netizens supported Leng’s actions while others slammed her for her behavior.

Facebook user Afiq Iskandar wrote: “You just destroyed a man's job n rice bowl. Good for you. Rather than making it viral on Facebook, maybe you should just file a complaint without putting it on Facebook. Angry doesn't mean you should lose your humanity too.”

Check out her full post in the gallery below. 

Leng Yein, DJ
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