Cecilia Cheung wows fans as ‘Elsa’ on Hunan TV program -- but gets slammed for her singing

10 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

Hunan Television recently aired a Lunar New Year program which featured Cecilia Cheung as a guest performer.

The star dressed up as Elsa” from the hit Disney movie, “Frozen” and donned a blonde wig and the character’s signature blue dress for a musical segment.

As part of the performance, Cecilia was required to do some figure skating, reports Jayne Stars.

She did turns, jumps, and other advanced moves.

Cecilia said: “I’m already in my thirties and a mother. These moves are really difficult. I think doing this performance at my age has probably broken a few of my bones. Furthermore, the performance venue does not contain a real ice skating rink, so all the moves I practiced looked different onstage.”

Despite the difficulty, Cecilia successfully completed her performance, earning the praise of many netizens. Cecilia’s singing was, however, criticized.

One netizen commented, “You did well in ice skating, but neglected your singing!”

See Cecilia dressed as "Elsa" in the gallery below. 

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