Canadian man kills model medical student because she was studying with another man

20 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

A Canadian man was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for killing his ex-girlfriend out of jealousy on university campus.

According to AsianTown, Gurjinder 'Gary' Dhaliwal, 24, shot 19-year-old medical student and model Maple Batalia to death.

On September 28, 2011, Batalia was heading home after a late-night study session with friends in the library on Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus when she was shot and slashed multiple times in a nearby parking garage.

The striking brunette grew up in Canada after moving there with her family from India when she was a baby. She was a health sciences student and a part-time actress and model who had dreams of becoming a doctor.

Court documents state that Dhaliwal became blinded by jealous rage and shot Batalia three times in the back after seeing her studying with another man in the library.

He then slashed the wounded girl in the head 11 times before fleeing the scene in a rental car with a friend, who is also facing charges in the case.

An investigation into the killing has revealed that about a month before her death, Maple Batalia broke up with Dhaliwal after four years of dating when she learned that he had repeatedly cheated on her, reported Vancouver Sun. 

Dhaliwal became obsessed with Batalia, peppering her with thousands of phone calls and text messages, and following her around. On occasion, he would also get into scraps with her male friends.

After one such incident, Dhaliwal bought a handgun and a knife, which Crown prosecutor Wendy Stephens said he planned to use against Maple’s friends of the opposite sex.

When given a chance to speak during his sentencing on Monday, Dhaliwal apologized to the victim's family and friends present in the crowded courtroom.

'I'm sorry. I know I did a terrible thing,' he said, his voice barely rising above a whisper.

Maple's mother, Sarbjit Batalia, at one point directly addressed her daughter’s killer, tearfully asking him: 'Give me an answer, please. Why did you kill my daughter?'

She added: ‘I wish someone had shot me instead, it would have been so much better than this.’

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