Woman undergoes surgery to get lip tails

7 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

There are many plastic procedures ranging from double eyelids, nose jobs, dimples, and many other specific areas that are performed in South Korea.

But have you ever heard of lip tail surgeries? A woman studying to become a flight attendant in Korea underwent surgery to get lip tails.

According to a report in Koreaboo, the woman documented her transformation and posted before and after photos of the surgery online and asked netizens what they thought about the results.

In her post she wrote: “I am studying in order to become a flight attendant so I decided to do this surgery real quick...

“I just wanted to post and see people’s opinions..!”

Some netizens were quick to praise the girl and one defended her from comments that stated that the surgery was a waste of money.

The netizen wrote: “There are people who are here claiming it is a waste of money but she is trying to become a flight attendant who always have to put a smile on their faces. On news media, there are so many posts claiming some flight attendants are so ugly. Fighting! Your lip-tails are beautiful now.”

While another commentator was less than polite and wrote: “Wow what a waste a f**king money”

Check out her transformation in the gallery below. What do you think about lip tail surgeries?

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