By2 Yumi dumped by Stanley Ho's son after she cheated on him

8 December 2015 / 10 months 2 weeks ago

Dec 7, 2015

Singaporean celebrity Yumi Bai, one-half of Beijing-based Mandopop duo By2, has reportedly broken up with Mario Ho, the 20-year-old son of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho.

Yumi, 22, recently posted an Instagram photo of herself looking thinner than usual, implying that her weight loss was due to heartbreak.

She wrote in English: "There's a hidden reason why I became skinny like a skeleton from this year onwards:/The answer of our newest 7Th album love songs which consist of three words...Guess which one?"

Netizens speculated that the song in question could be the Mandarin track, "You lied to me", fuelling rumours that the pair's relationship had turned sour.

However, Hong Kong's Next Media reported that Yumi, the identical younger twin of fellow By2 member Miko Bai, was the one who first cheated on her younger beau and was dumped as a result.

The report added that Yumi had been spotted on a night out at a club with hunky Chinese star, Sun Zujun.

She reportedly even called the Ho family's chauffeur to pick them up that night, which angered Mario when he found out.

According to Next Media, Mario, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) undergraduate, is now intent on being a 'mummy's boy' and burying himself in his books.

He is the third of five children of entrepreneur Angela Leong, Mr Stanley Ho's fourth wife.

When contacted about Yumi's Instagram post, Mario's nonchalant reply was: "That's so sad! She needs to eat more."

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