British reality TV star suffers multiple wardrobe malfunctions due to unforgiving winds

8 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

A British reality TV star exposed more skin than she should have when she went for a night on the town.

According to online reports, Pascal Craymer’s daring number was completely open down to her navel and her entire boob popped out -- thanks to a gust of wind.

But the brunette beauty who wore a floor length flimsy green dress did not seem fazed by her wardrobe malfunction and used her hand to cover up immediately.

The report added that the star did not wear any underwear but managed to not flash absolutely everything despite her dress blowing in the wind.

In fact, the stunner came up with an ingenious plan to push the front flap between her legs and grab it at the back so she could stop the dress from showing the front or the back.

Check out the wardrobe malfunction in the gallery below.

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