Brazilian woman transforms herself into fitness model after bullies tease her

3 May 2016 / 5 months 3 weeks ago

A Brazilian woman who was teased for being chubby as a teenager has transformed herself into a fitness model.

She has also published the results of a steroids test to prove that her muscles are all natural.

Rafaela Ravena, 23, from São Paulo, lost 15kg over a year after bullies called her 'chubby'.

She now boasts a ten per cent body fat ratio, reports Asiantown.

After being teased about her weight while in her late teens, the Brazilian blonde embarked on a punishing exercise routine.

She quickly became so addicted that she even lost a boyfriend because she had no time for him.

She says the only thing she takes is a whey protein and uses a strict carb-free diet to maintain her perfect form.

She reveals that 'she doesn't know what bread tastes like and eats eggs, tapioca, vegetables and fruits.

But she does admit that ice cream is a weekly guilty pleasure.

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