Bosco Wong reflects on personal growth after loss of father and Myolie Wu getting married

3 April 2016 / 6 months 3 weeks ago

Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong has always been known for his jovial and sunshine personality. However, his father’s passing last year was a significant turning point in his life.

According to Jaynestars,  Bosco reflects on the level of his own personal growth over the years after recalling memories of his father.

Having being diagnosed with cancer for over a year, Bosco’s father lost his battle in December 2015. Regretting the dozens of times he spent the major holidays at work instead of with his family, Bosco now understands the importance of treasuring his loved ones.

He expressed, “Now I always make sure I book certain days off work. For example – days like New Year. Holidays are meant to be spent with family. Back then, I used to think that it wasn’t a big deal – I mean it’s only New Year! I would used to rest a bit and go back to work. Now, those days will be reserved for my family.”

Although Bosco lived with his mother after his parents’ divorce, he saw his father at least once a week. Contrary to common belief that children are neglected by one parent in a single-parent family, Bosco said he had a wonderful childhood.

Besides the loss of his father, Bosco’s ex-girlfriend Myolie Wugot married last year. Bosco offered his best wishes to Myolie when she tied the knot.

“I sent her a message wishing her happiness and she also asked me how I was. We’re still friends!” Bosco exclaimed.

No longer the immature boy he was, the 36-year-old expressed, “I’m more mature than I was back then and I’ve changed the way I do things. Back then, I used to think that problems were no big deal and I didn’t really care if there were problems at all. Now, I have a crew to support, I have a restaurant, and my own business. I can’t have failures – I have a pretty big responsibility now.”

Seeing Myolie find happiness also sparked Bosco’s ambition in settling down soon. Since he does not enjoy frequenting nightclubs, Bosco has asked his friends for help with introducing women to him. 

Currently romantically linked with Japanese model Jun, Bosco hinted that they are only in the beginning stages of development.

Many TVB artistes headed to Mainland China after the expiration of their contracts, however, having spent 15 years with the station, Bosco said it is hard to end the relationship.

Bosco revealed, “I would be lying if I said I haven’t been approached by other companies! I still have a lengthy period left in my contract, but I want to think about what my next steps will be. Being an actor allows me to try different things and Hong Kong is still my hometown. That’s why I haven’t given up on it yet. I have special feelings for Hong Kong and TVB – it has been 15 years after all! Sometimes when I’ve been in Mainland for too long, I think of my coworkers back in Hong Kong and how much I miss working and laughing with them.”

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