Bazhong man disguises himself as a woman -- then drugs and robs men he meets on apps

23 October 2015 / 1 year 5 days ago

A Chinese man pretended be a woman on dating apps and arranged to meet men in hotel under the alias "Black Rose".

According to a report in AsianTown via online sources, the 48-year-old former hairstylist would arrange dates with the men then secretly drug the victims' drinks before taking their personal belongings.

News of this case came to light after one of Tang's victims reported to the police in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan after he was robbed.

The victim, known as Zhang Jun (not his real name), is in his twenties. He said he met a woman under the handle of 'Black Rose' through a dating app on September 16.

According to him, "Black Rose" claimed to be a 34-year-old divorced woman who was looking for some fun.

She then sent pictures of herself to Zhang. After seeing the pictures, Zhang immediately agreed to meet 'Black Rose' on a date in a hotel.

Security footage of shows Zhang going into a room 1625 with two cans of beer. Shortly after, a woman with long dark hair appeared to be wandering along the corridor. 

She peeked into the room and found that Zhang was with another male friend. She then left but came back about 30 minutes later - not long after Zhang's friend had left the room.

Zhang told the police that he felt extremely sleepy after a couple of beers and passed out. The victim woke up in the morning only to find that the S$ 305 (1,400 Yuan) in his wallet were gone as well as his mobile phone. "Black rose", was also nowhere to be seen.

Zhang then alerted the police. Upon further investigations, "Black Rose's" true identity was revealed.

He was actually a 48-year-old surnamed Tang man from Bazhong city - more than 200 miles away from Chengdu. Tang's wife and son live in another town.

He gained his makeup skills when he worked in a hair salon as a stylist The police said they found women's clothes, undergarments, wigs as well as female toiletries when they arrested the suspect. Police said the con artist drugged Zhang's two cans of beer when he went to the toilet. Then he took Zhang's valuables after the victim passed out.

The empty bottles used to contain drugs by Tang were confiscated by the police. Police revealed that Tang had been sending 'sexy' selfies as a woman to lure young men into dating her since August.

The suspect is now under arrest on suspicion of robbery.

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