Aww! Zhou Yangqing reveals the reason why she fell in love with BF Show Luo

12 May 2016 / 5 months 2 weeks ago

Show Luo's relationship with fashion blogger Zhou Yangqing has been constantly featured in the media ever since news broke out of the couple last year.

It seems like they are getting serious and Show even said in an interview that the relationship was like "entering into the second phase of life".

According to, Yangqing wrote a very revealing post on her blog:

"A man can treat you very well during the first month and first year of dating, but when your passion fades off, can he still shower you with the attentiveness, concern and patience when he first met you?

"Or he may not treat you that well in the begininning, will not say that he loves you, and refuses to give you commitment.

"However, gradually, you will discover that he is more and more anxious about you, and depends on you.

"Even when you make a mistake, he who is hot-tempered cannot bear to flare up at you. 

"He is using his actions to tell you that he loves you more and more."

She also wrote: "I love you, not because how good you are, but because you are able to persist which most men can't do."

She also told her fans that she hopes they will meet a guy like this.

Netizens were happy to read her love declaration for Show in the post.

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