Australian millionaire sues nanny after she says he took raunchy pictures of wife -- with daughters present

12 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Travers Beynon, Australia’s very own rich guy who promotes a Playboy lifestyle on his Instagram, sued his former nanny for defamation when she did an interview on A Current Affair being too judgey about his parenting skills.

Mr. Beynon, A.K.A The Candyman, is a multimillionaire CEO of tobacconist chain FreeChoice, reports UniLad

He was recently awarded $25,000 in damages because Michelle Manthey made claims that the Gold Coast party king took raunchy pics of his wife with his daughters present.

The Candyman was after 100k in damages, but the judge said “yeah nah you’re dreamin’ with that figure.” He was rewarded 25k in damages for being defamed. Whether Ms. Manthey was being hyperbolic or not with the help of A Current Affair is unknown.

What is known…is that there is no evidence on this candy blokes Instagram that children are nearby during his shoots with the missus and co.

“I can understand if this is something Travers wants to do, but do it somewhere else, don’t do it in the family home,” Ms Manthey said, according to a transcript of her remarks tended in court. “Like shield your children away from it.”

Mr Beynon argued Ms Manthey’s public comments made him out to be a reckless parent. In awarding the damages, the judge said there was no evidence Mr Beynon had let his children watch his photo shoots.

The judge had a flick through his photos on Instagram and although you can get morally judgey about this shit, there’s no evidence of him being a reckless Dad.

“Anyone who against my family learns about my protective side very quickly,” Mr Beynon told the Daily Mail Australia after the court case.

A bunch of former associates of The Candyman, including his former girlfriend Kirsty Engelmann, some of his wife Taesha’s relatives and the former nanny Ms Manthey gave interviews on A Current Affair about his lifestyle.

Mr Beynon dreamed up the concept of Candyshop Mansion about 20 years ago.

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