Ariel Lin slammed by Chinese netizens for calling herself 'Taiwanese artiste'

17 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Recently, Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin attended the 10th Seoul International Drama awards and were presented with the Asia Star Grand Award.

During her acceptance speech on stage, Ariel said in Korean, “As Taiwan’s artiste, I am grateful to receive this award.”

Her words did not seem to sync well with her fans in China, who felt that she should have introduced herself as “China Taiwan’s artiste”.

Many Chinese netizens have slammed Ariel angrily.

One said “Do not forget to add the word ‘China’ in front of Taiwan.” Another said, “Return to Taiwan. Do not come to China to earn our money.”

However, most fans defended Ariel and said that Ariel was not interested in getting involved with politics. Besides, the awards organiser also grouped Ariel and Bolin under the Taiwanese artistes category, reports Asian Pop News

Meanwhile, Ariel was not affected by the criticisms and posted a photo of herself and Lee Young Ae on her Weibo.

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