All hell breaks loose after boxer slaps opponent's GF's butt on purpose

31 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

A promotional event for a boxing match turned ugly after a boxer slapped the butt of his opponent's girlfriend.

According to a news source, boxer Ricardo Mayorga attended the event with his opponent Shane Mosley. The latter was accompanied by his girlfriend.

At one point of the event, Mosley's female companion bent down, presumably to pick something up. Her butt was facing Mosley's opponent.

Mayorga, for no rhyme or reason, slapped the butt of Mosley's girlfriend. Mosley then retaliated and reach out to grab the neck of his opponent.

The scuffle would have escalated if not for the entourage of assistants who held both men back. 

Before the fight was quelled, Mosley's girlfriend hurled her shoe at her boyfriend's opponent. 

See the gallery below for more images of what happened.

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