Alex Fong will not consider working with ex-GF Stephy Tang in future

9 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

Singer Alex Fong has indicated that he would not be filming with or inviting his former love Stephy Tang to events any longer.

The ex-golden couple broke fans' hearts when they broke up after a long 10-year relationship.

Asian E-News Portal reports that Alex and film director Wilson Chin were promoting at radio station.

When asked if he will invite his old love, Stephy Tang to the movie premiere, Alex said:

"I am not using it as promotion tactic."

Wilson then defended him: "Let me invite the girls who like you."

Alex said: "Better not to as I do not want to be the limelight. (Considering to film movie with Stephy Tang in the future?) I do not think so."

As Ivana Wong and Alex acted as couple in the movie and he was made fun of having an affair with Ivana who was married, Alex said:

"She was not married and I was in a relationship at that time." 

Alex disclosed that he will consider to developing a relationship if meets any suitable girls.

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