Alex Fong finally ready to move on from GF of 10 years Stephy Tang with heiress Laurinda Ho

25 September 2016 / 8 months 4 days ago

After Alex Fong and Stephy Tang announced their breakup at the beginning of this year, both parties seemed hesitant to move on with their lives.

Alex reportedly moved closer to Stephy's home and started spending more time at the gym in her neighbourhood to catch her attention but it did not seem to work as Stephy stood firmly by her decision.

She is now putting her career before anything else with several films under her belt.

With no hope of reconciliation, Alex has decided to move on and word is that he has set his eyes on heiress Laurinda Ho, reports Jayne Stars.

They were introduced by their mutual friends and reportedly got close after their first meeting.

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He has taken the time to attend her social gatherings so that he can familiarise himself with her circle of friends.

An insider said:

“Alex stayed close to Laurinda the entire night. They were very chatty, and very much in their own world.”

The source added that he took care of her like he would a girlfriend, from serving her drinks to waiting for her outside the restroom.

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