Actress removed top during intimate scene with Ruco Chan

22 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

Actress Lin Xia Wei attended a prayer ceremony for a new series titled 'Hot Pursuit'.

In the show, the will be acting as a Mahjong Queen, reported Asian E-News Portal.

Said the actress:

"I do not know how to gamble at all. I bought two sets of Mahjong during the Lunar New Year and started to practice with my husband. My family feels that I am boring and do not know even when I win money."

When asked if there were any intimate scenes with Ruco Chan who acts as her husband in the series, Xia Wei said:

"I needed to remove my top for one scene. My husband does not know about it and there is no need to tell him. He cannot scold me if he has no idea about it."

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