Actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin: Don't tie me to any man's name

31 October 2015 / 11 months 4 weeks ago

Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman
The New Paper
29 October 2015

Relationships? No, thank you.

Popular Malaysian actress and host Nur Fazura Sharifuddin, better known as Fazura, is more than happy to let romance take a back seat as she focuses on her career.

You will see what she has been up to - new film roles, award wins - in the second season of reality TV series Facing Up To Fazura.

It airs on E! (Singtel TV Ch 328/StarHub Ch 441) on Nov 1 at 9pm.

But if you're hoping for a glimpse of a love interest, forget it.

Fazura, 32, who is single, said: "There has been an interest in looking at that aspect of my life, especially with rumours about me and (Filipino actor) Piolo Pascual.

"Perhaps there is, I don't know, fire between us, but we're not together. Nothing more has been discussed beyond that. I think I'm done with relationships."

Fazura dated Singapore Idol 2 winner Hady Mirza, 35, for a year, until 2007. He married Nurjannah Nur Wahid, 22, a Malaysian, last year.

When asked if she keeps in touch with Hady, Fazura said: "No, but I wish we were friends and I wish him well. I'm mostly on speaking terms with my ex-boyfriends. I only found out he got married this year... because (Singapore Idol winner) Taufik Batisah told me. I'm very happy for him."

When told that Hady's wedding had surprised his fans, Fazura said: "Was it, really? That's how I want my marriage to be. It's good to keep things private."

She has been dating casually since her relationship with Malaysian actor Shaheizy Sam, 33, ended last year and she wants to focus on building her empire - fashion line House of Doll and new body mist range Mystical by Fazura - and her career.

"Why do we need to be in relationships? I felt like I didn't get to pursue what I wanted when I was in relationships," she said.

"I'm always associated with the guys I'm dating and not on my own merits. I've decided now I want to chase my dreams and not be tied to any man's name. I think that is important for every woman."


Fazura bagged the prestigious Best Actress award at the 27th Malaysian Film Festival last month for her role in Malaysian film Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia (2014), a win that caught her by surprise. She will star in Malaysian film Langit Cinta in January.

Within months of that win, Fazura scored a role in Indonesian film Bulan Terbelah Di Langit Amerika where she plays Janet, a scheming secretary who is often the third party in other relationships.

The actress duets with Indonesian singer Ridho Rhoma on the soundtrack for the film, which is slated for a December release.

Fazura was also recently invited to audition in Malaysia for a Hollywood film, but she declined to give details.

"I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and step up my game. It was nerve-racking."

At the same time, she has recorded four songs.

Asked if a solo album is under way, she said: "It's a possibility now. I like the EDM (electronic dance music) genre. I love songs that inspire and empower other women, songs about how strong we are. That's what we need the most.

"We don't need to sing about men breaking our hearts anymore, we're done with that."

This article was first published on October 29, 2015. 
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