Actor Shaun Chen's cheesy go-to pick-up line and how the newlywed charms his in-laws

6 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Aretha Loh & Lee Xin Hui
Dec 02, 2015

Ever wanted to know more about the private Shaun Chen? Our writers grilled him with questions to find out whether he's a good or bad boy, and gave their verdict!

Shaun Chen, 37, actor, married

Q: When the weather is frightful, you stay in and...

A: “Watch a movie – anything but horror! I get scared…”

Q: Your male friend is chatting up a woman who’s clearly not into him. You...

A: "Be a good friend and stay away because she’ll probably end up choosing me instead.”

Q: Your go-to pick-up line?

A: “Everybody calls me Shaun Chen, but you can call me tonight…”

Q: Finish this sentence: Kids are...

A: “...great! I love them, and I think the feeling’s mutual... although I suppose some are probably afraid of me?!”

Q: How would you charm your in-laws?

A: “With meticulous effort. I’ll buy [health supplements] to boost their health. If their television set breaks down, I’ll buy them a new one. If their plumbing needs repairing, I’ll help out.”

Q: Reveal an act of kindness that no one knows about...

A: “Once, in Malaysia, there was a local lady who was riding a motorcycle and she fell after hitting something. I quickly rushed over to help her, and sent her home after making sure she was okay.”

Q: When was the last time you apologised, and what for?

A: “I constantly apologise because I’m always late! But [only slightly], usually by about 5 minutes…”

Q: Do you think you are naughty or nice?

A: “Naughty – but in a cute way!”

Our verdict: Shaun's cheekily adorable. He'll woo not just you but your parents too. Too bad he's taken.

This story was originally published in the December 2015 issue of Her World magazine.

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