Actor gets 'caught' with nude bra on face while sleeping

22 November 2015 / 11 months 1 week ago

Artiste Bob Lam's popularity has been increasing. He is currently busy with filming a series and starting his business. 

Recently, he fell asleep and his assistant made fun of him by placing a nude bra on his face and taking photos secretly, reported Asian E-News Portal

Bob shared it with everybody and wrote these caption with regards to his assistant: 

"I am thinking about seeing these photos in my mobile phone

"Do I usually treat my assistant badly? 

"Should I fire him and find somebody to hire him? 

"Should I kill him immediately?

"Is he afraid my eyes will be injured?" 

His good friend, Raymond Cho made fun of him too: 

"Perhaps we should find out who uses it first."

Bob Lam
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