Ab-solutely sporty Miss Universe S'pore finalist has climbed mountains, won medals for kayaking

26 September 2016 / 8 months 16 hours ago

Constance Goh
The New Paper
Sep 26, 2016

Patricia is a designer with her own label and handmade jewellery online business, HAUS OF PESH.

She's also sporty, and has even won medals for kayaking.

Last year, she embarked on a series of waterfall treks with her family in Gold Coast, Australia. She has also climbed mountains in Indonesia and India.

She said: "My most adventurous outdoor adventure would be climbing 6,153m to reach the summit of Stok Kangri mountain in India. I hope to try base jumping in the near future - it's more dangerous and the thought itself excites me."

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What is one cause you would champion if you become Miss Universe Singapore 2016?

Stopping animal abuse. As a dog lover and owner, it is heartbreaking and shameful to see fellow humans ignoring abandoned, abused and stray animals.

Which influential personality would you like to meet?

(Hollywood actress) Angelina Jolie. I love her so much and would ask her to take me along on her journey of humanitarian work.

What is one food you cannot resist?

Desserts, particularly chocolate crepe cakes. I have a massive sweet tooth.

What is your proudest achievement so far?

HAUS OF PESH, my handmade jewellery online business.

What is the biggest challenge women face today?

A clash of identity crisis and human rights, in the eyes of both genders.

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As a jewellery designer, which gem best describes you?

Sphalerite, a little-known and rare gem that has even greater fire than diamonds. It is like my passion - always burning and displaying flashes of colours.

What's the most memorable thing that happened while you were on your adventures?

I once walked on a glacier where I could see and hear water flowing right under my feet. I also swam where there was a bed of eels underneath my feet in a rock pool. Slimy!

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