Aaron Kwok's GF Moka Fang might be sorely disappointed for Valentine's Day

14 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

He might have a smoking hot model girlfriend, but 'Heavenly King' Aaron Kwok is placing work and career first.

According to Asian E-News Portal, he will in fact NOT be spending Valentine's Day with girlfriend Moka Fang as he 'places less importance' on it.

Aaron disclosed he will be filming in Shanghai after several days: 

"I always place less importance on other occasions and Lunar New Year is most vital."

When asked if his mother asked him to bring his girlfriend home for new year, he declined to talk about it. 

When asked if they were getting married, Kwok said:

"Concentrating on my career and let's not talk about relationship. Let's take it slowly and no need to get anxious."

Aaron disclosed many movies will be airing this year and he will be opening his concert in August 2016 but the ligament on his left leg was injured. Hence, he needed to undergo surgery after filming in March.

 "Many sportsmen undergo this surgery and need 6 months for full recovery but holding the concert should not be a problem," he said.

He revealed that his movie 'The Monkey King 2' received 300 million at the box office for two days in Mainland China. 

"Many people praised the movie after watching it and said it's worth the ticket price. All the efforts are worth it!

"I watched it thrice but have not watched it with my mother yet. Might book a theatre to watch it with my siblings."

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