Aaron Kwok pleads with reporter to leave 27-year-old GF alone after they harass her at airport

3 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Aaron Kwok shocked fans when he introduced 27-year-old Moka Fang as his girlfriend on Weibo.

According to a report in AsianPopNews via Next Magazine, Aaron was prompted to announce his relationship after the paparazzi had taken photos of him and his new lover.

On November 28, Aaron was spotted driving his sweetheart to the airport at about 6pm.

He even helped her with her luggage and when reporters approached him to clarify if the woman was his girlfriend or not, he refused to reply and just drove away.

Shortly after, he stopped his vehicle, and it looked like he wanted to check on his girlfriend.

Moka was flustered and alarmed when she saw a reporter and when asked if she stayed at Aaron's house, she replied: "Don't take photos! I need to board the plane!"

Aaron noticed that his girlfriend was being harassed by a reporter and escorted her into the airport.

He even pleaded the reporter to not harass Moka and said, "Please do not be like this! She is going to be late (to board the plane)".

When asked if Moka was his new girlfriend, the 50-year-old star replied: "We are friends! Please give me some space!"

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