Aaron Kwok and Him Law reveal harsh challenges filming The Monkey King 2

31 January 2016 / 8 months 4 weeks ago
Aaron Kwok and Him Law spoke about the challenges they faced filming upcoming movie The Monkey King 2.
According to JayneStars, the two stars revealed all in a recent interview.
Playing the titular character, Aaron expressed:
“Hours were spent on makeup – and because of the sun we could only film four hours at a time. A professional Hollywood special effects team worked on my costume and it was a hassle to put on. So it was best to not take it off and put it back on. I had to learn how to stay still in it and I tried my best to wipe off the sweat. There’s already a lot of sweating in non-action movies, so you can imagine how the sweat was in an action film. Another challenge would be the pin-like hairs on the costume. I felt like there were 5000 little needles poking at me – it was very unforgettable!”
However, despite the difficulties, Aaron recalled the most unforgettable moment was when he was filming a fight scene with Gong Li who plays the White Skeleton Demon.
The 50-year-old did not use a stunt double and opted to film the wired scenes herself.
Aaron praised her excellent work ethics and down-to-earth personality.
Him Law on the other hand said that he didn't mind the harsh filming conditions because of the opportunity to work with Aaron.
He laughed, "I thought it was really fun being able to fight with Aaron. I had to wear muscle suits like Aaron so I understood his pain. But I knew about this going into the movie. I sweated just as much and because I had blue body paint, I had to touch up the makeup so often because the color would fade. Although the Sand Monk never had a significant role in the past, he is a significant character in this movie. He has a heroic touch to his character and that’s what makes this film different and refreshing for the viewers!"
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