9 plastic surgery procedures new mum and blogger Bong QiuQiu underwent

10 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Melissa T
Sep 1, 2015

Want to know all about Bong QiuQiu's plastic surgery procedures? Well, we’ve got the scoop.

Other than Xiaxue who very openly shared her plastic surgery experiences, Bong QiuQiu was amongst the first bloggers to put herself out there with regard to her plastic surgeries.

QiuQiu, who also just recently became a mum, is one of the pioneers in the Singapore blogosphere and also one of the more influential bloggers we have today.

While QiuQiu has gained quite a bit of recognition and acknowledgment in the blogging arena due to her quirks and thrifty nature, maintaining a tight friendship with the queen of the blogosphere, Xiaxue, has also helped her fame quite a fair bit.

QiuQiu quickly rose to yet another level of stardom and fame back in 2011 when she was filmed in a video undergoing breast fillers and candidly revealed the before and after shots of her chest (with the nipples censored of course).

With her small breasts being one of her major insecurities, QiuQiu’s courage to broadcast her breast filler procedure was truly commendable.Since then, she has gone on to do more procedures and has been very forthcoming about her experiences, documenting her experiences on her blog.

Before we delve into the collation of her plastic surgery procedures, let’s take a look at QiuQiu when she was younger. (see gallery)

Bong QiuQiu’s 1st plastic surgery transformation


In 2012, QiuQiu went to Thailand to have an alarplasty procedure done in hopes to reduce the size of her nostrils. When that didn’t turn out as expected (suffering from an unbalanced nostrils), QiuQiu surprisingly pointed the finger at herself instead of the incompetent plastic surgery.

QiuQiu’s initial mentally of “So cheap, don’t care just do” was probably not the best of ideas and she was now completely aware of that. (Editor’s note: It is important to always find a well qualified doctor).

Here’s the results of her unbalanced nostrils. (see gallery)

Uneven nostrils aside, there were other aspects of her nose that the blogger didn’t see eye to eye with.

Dissatisfied with the height of her nose bridge and the uneven bump long the bridge, Bong QiuQiu subsequently had yet another rhinoplasty done.

The second time round consisted of an implant to resolve the bump on her nose bridge as well as a rebuilding of the nose cartilage for a more defined nose tip.

Fat Grafting on her face Qiuqiu also underwent fat grafting to fill the hollows in her forehead. And because the blogger has naturally sunken cheeks and defined laugh lines, it resulted in her looking old and tired. QiuQiu decided to undergo fat grafting to achieve that cherubic face contour.

This procedure involved drawing fats from the back of her thigh and under her butt to be injected into her face.

Bong QiuQiu’s 2nd plastic surgery transformation

In the following picture, the blogger once again lets us in on her square jawline, protruding cheekbones and deepset laugh lines.

V-Jawline/Chin Augmentation

QiuQiu has always wanted to do something about her square jawline. Sadly, you can’t help but look slightly masculine with a square jawline.

Having encountered that issue, QiuQiu was determined to soften her facial contour with a jaw reduction. Also because she was going to have her jawline shaved, the doctor suggested she moved her chin outwards (1/2mm to 1mm) to have a better side profile, which she eventually achieved with a chin augmentation.

Zygoma Surgery

QiuQiu has also had issues with her cheekbone. Her protruding cheekbones stood out like a sore thumb, accentuating the hollows of her cheeks, making her appear perpetually haggard and dull looking. QiuQiu finally got her cheekbones fixed with a cheekbone reduction surgery.

Paranasal Implants

This procedure was done primarily to get rid of the laugh lines, which wasn’t the most appealing in both her real life and in pictures.


Here’s a list of the Bong QiuQiu plastic surgery procedures:

1. Breast fillers

2. Alarplasty

3. Rhinoplasty

4. Nose Tip surgery

5. Fat Grafting to her face

6. Zygoma Reduction

7. Paranasal Implants

8. Chin Augmentation

9. Jaw Reduction

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