5 things you might not know from photo of Obama enjoying noodles with Anthony Bourdain

26 May 2016 / 4 months 4 weeks ago

25 May 2016

To insiders and those who track his restaurant jaunts in America and abroad, Barack Obama is the first foodie president of the United States.

And the fan of cheeseburgers and steaks finally gets a spot on celebrity TV host Anthony Bourdain's food show just when he is wrapping up years of work in his final months at the White House.

On Monday night (May 23), waiting crowds on the street cheered when the pair showed up at a budget shophouse eatery in Hanoi in a convoy of cars for its famed Bun Cha or grilled pork with noodles.

As opposed to the fancy feasts he had been hosted to by world leaders at top fine-dining eateries such as sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo and L'Ambroisie in Paris, the meal Obama had at Bun Cha Huong Lien is humble everyday fare in Vietnam.

Many Vietnamese were delighted when photos of the president and Bourdain tucking into Bun Cha went viral online and were splashed in newspapers.

Their meal cost a mere US$6 (S$8.20), a teeny weeny fraction of a $400-$500 bill for Michelin-starred eateries.

Bourdain, who posted a photo of their dinner together on Instagram, tweeted: "Total cost of Bun Cha dinner with the President: $6.00. I picked up the check."

AsiaOne has compiled 5 things you might not know from just looking at the now historic photo. Have a look at them in the gallery below. 

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